Setting up Attendance Managment

Tracking employee attendance is one of the most basic tasks that a HR software manages. Setting up attendance rules and policies is easy with CuteHR is easy as we explain below.

Setting up Holidays

The First Step to setting up Attendance is to define holidays for your office , CuteHR support multiple offices so each office can have different holidays if they are in different states or countries. Only the Admin can setup holidays , so make sure you are logged in using a admin account when setting up the holidays.

Get started by going to Settings in the side bar then General , The select the office tab.

In the office tab click on holidays.

Then You may use the Add Holiday Button to Create a holiday by providing it a name and date.

You may also import common holidays using the import holidays option.

To import common holidays , Select the country and the Year you wish to import the holidays for. For example lets choose "United States" , You will see a list of common holidays , then you may select the holidays you wish to import and use the "Add Selected Holidays" to import the holidays into your company calendar.

Now if you visit the Calendar Page in your section it should start showing the holidays .

Setting up Working Days

As employees can have different working days which might include weekends , CuteHR allows these custom settings to be put in for a employee.

To setup the Attendance policy for an employee , Visit the Employees page in the Your company Section, From here select the employee you wish to change or create the Working days for.

Select the Eeployee and in his Employee Information choose Contract tab, Then select the latest contract and go down to the Working days field , here you can select which days the employee is to be present in the office . You can also setup advanced rules like Second and Fourth Satarday working.

You can also setup the working hours per day and the office start time here.

Once the above task has been completed the basic Attendance setup is completed.

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