Setting up Projects

Adding projects to cutehr to manage the projects of the workspace is quite simple. To add your first project to cutehr follow the steps.

Adding Projects

To add project to cutehr, Go to Projects under "Your Apps" in Sidebar menu and click on button "Add Project", a popup will appear on screen for the information of the project.


Fill up the basic information about the project like project name, client name, etc and then click "Add Project".

If you have not added any clients, then first add the clients and then add the project.

Now, the project is added and you are good to go.

Editing the Projects

To Edit the existing project of the workspace, you do not have to do much, just click the pencil icon against the project which you want to edit and the pop up will appear, in which you can update the existing information of the project.


After editing the information, simply click "Edit Project" button.

Now, you will see the information of the project is updated.

Deleting the Projects

For deleting project, for any reason whatsoever, follow the instructions below

Click the bin icon against the project name, a pop up will appear for the confirmation of deletion of the project.


Confirm Deletion of the project by clicking "OK" button. The project is now no more in your list.

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