Setting up clients and managing them

The clients are the building blocks of the company and managing every client is not easy. No worries, cutehr is here to help you out. Adding and managing the clients for your company is really easy. And managing clients using cutehr is simply fun. To Add and manage your clients in cutehr follow the steps below.

Adding Clients

You will get the client for copany's internal projects.


To add clients to your workspace follow these basic steps.

First of all, click on the client menu from the sidebar, now you are on clients page.

To add client, click "Add Client" button and add basic information about client, like client name, contact name(name of person to be contacted), email, etc.


After filling all the information, simply hit the "Add Client" button. Now, as you can see the client is added.

Editing Clients

Editing clients via cutehr is as simple as adding one, you can edit the client from the lists of client available.

To edit the client click the pencil icon against the client which you want to edit. After clicking edit the information in the pop up appeared. After editing all the information needed click the "Edit Client" button.