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I am new Here

Welcome to CuteHR

CuteHR is a Small Buisness HR Solution to automate and streamline common HR tasks. It offers various online tools to help manage and improve productiivty of your team. It also helps to manage team projects and track tme to improve efficiency.

The vision behind CuteHR was to build a simplified HR For small compnies.

In the present release it includes the following tools -

CuteHR runs in the cloud and is always availbile on desktop and mobile.

Starting using CuteHR , Its Free

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Getting Started with CuteHR

Welcome to CuteHR! If you are a small buisness we are here to help you relive the pain of people management.

Here are some quick links to get you started -

Watch a getting Started Video

Setting up your company and Adding Employees

Create a project and track time

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Managing Account

For managing your account on cutehr you can follow the basic steps.

Simply click on down arrow button on sidebar beside your name, and from the dropdown choose "My Account".


You will see the above page.

Changing Avatar

In My Account section, you can see the option to upload profile pic, click the item and choose the picture.


Profile pic will update.

Changing Password

You can also change your password from here. Just type the new password and confirm it. Then click "Submit" button to change it.

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Changing Personal Details

Changing personal details in cutehr is as simple as changing avatar. Just follow these basic steps.

For changing personal detail. Click on the down arrow beside your name. And choose "My Profile".

After choosing My Profile navigate to "personal" tab.


Update the details and click "Save" button.

I am a HR/Manager

I am a HR/Manager

Setting up your company and offices

The very first step after signing up to cutehr is adding company and offices. Adding company and offices is easy. Follow the below instructions to add one.


Once you have registered on cutehr, signin using your credentials. After signing in to your account, a popup, asking your company name, will appear. Enter your company name in the popup.


Now, as you have entered your company name, you can go to settings->General from the sidebar menu, to edit the company basic information like company name, company logo, language, etc.


You can also add offices to your company. To add offices go to settings->General from the sidebar menu and click offices tab. From here you can add or edit your offices details and their holidays.